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Archive for February, 2018

Mel Jones, a patient story

We often feature patient stories via our website and social media, and have been asked if many people survive melanoma.  Well, we do know that it is a difficult disease,…


We are often asked for information on lymphoedema:  what is it, what causes it, can it be avoided, what is the best way to deal with it, can it be…

The latest information on sunbed safety. By Sandra Phinbow

When we see pictures like this on twitter,  accompanied with the comment “How can a sunbed burn me so bad #cantmove #pain #sohot”, we often feel a sense of despair. …

Melanoma in black people

The last thing that Jaqueline expected at 21, was to be diagnosed with melanoma.  As a black woman, she simply did not think it could happen to her.   Growing…

Good advice! Sunscreen, every day.

An interesting article to come out of Australia.      

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