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Dr Christian Aldridge – Dermatologist

Chris ADr Christian Aldridge – Dermatologist

Dr Aldridge is the Chair of the All Wales National Specialist Advisory Group for Skin Cancer.  He has previously been the Skin Cancer MDT Lead at Cwm Taf NHS Trust for a 4 year tenure and currently operates the Rapid-Access Skin Cancer Clinic at Prince Charles Hospital , Merthyr Tydfil, which incorporates a same-day operating list which excises those skin cancers identified in clinic without delay.

Dr Aldridge is a graduate of the University of Cardiff , School of Medicine where he obtained a BSc Hons in Physiology and graduated from Medical school in 1998. He specialised in Dermatology and has developed a sub-speciality interest in Skin Cancer ; in particular , the management of Melanoma. He is a member of the British Association of Dermatologists, the British Society of Dermatological Surgery and the American Academy of Dermatology.

Dr Aldridge has had research published in respected peer-reviewed journals and his ongoing clinical activities involve the development of a Teledermatolgy service, which aids triaging of suspect lesions from GPs via photo/email service. There are also close links with allied colleagues in oncology and plastic surgery in order to provide an exemplary service for the total treatment of Melanoma , for patients within his Trust.

Equally important to Dr Aldridge is the need to raise awareness of Skin Cancer as timely intervention makes a huge difference. This is undertaken using different approaches for e.g from talks and meetings to local GPs to using social networking sites for e.g Twitter , to propagate the salient points and to keep the public abreast of recent developments.

Dr Aldridge became a medical advisor to Melanoma UK in November 2013.


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