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Paul Denny

PaulWe are often asked if people survive melanoma, and we are glad to say that over the years, we have spoken to many people who have lived through this diagnosis and are still here to tell us their story.  Paul Denny is one of those people.

I remember after the “why me”? Stage I likened my cancer to being a boxing match. Me in the blue corner and cancer in the red.

When I was diagnosed I was “knocked for 6” as we say here in Liverpool . Whilst on the floor I used the ropes to pull myself back up , (this was the surgery and chemotherapy stage) only to find out that I would be knocked to the floor again. my cancer had come back, it had started spreading to a different part of my body.

Although exhausted I was determined to look for the same ropes to help me get back to my feet which meant having a second operation and more chemotherapy… 

The third round was a little different and it’s a round that I shall never forget !!   The cancer had come back but this time it was more severe.  The doctor made it quite clear that wether I survived or not “it was at the hands of the gods” his exact words !!! 5% chance of survival…..

During the 3rd operation I didn’t get up to my feet I only reached the bottom rope.  All the fighting I had done I was tired, and out of breath.  (I had stopped breathing during my operation)

I had genuinely seen a light and I started going towards it.  This wasn’t a bright light just a calm and relaxing light.   On my way I heard the voice of one of the theatre staff saying “we are losing him” …. being a nosey person I thought I wonder who they are talking about and wanted to see.
It was then I heard,  “it’s ok we have him back.”
After surgery and back on the ward the consultant came round to see how I was doing and informed me what had happened how I had been resuscitated.  I explained what I had experienced seeing the light etc .. I used my new found strength to have my third lot of chemotherapy and finally I was back to my feet
The underdog (me) had won the fight at the age of 18.   Next Tuesday 15th November it’s my birthday (41) it’s hard to believe I know because I know I only look 24 on my picture.

Actually, saying that it would mean I had my 11 year old son at the age of 13.

Sometimes the willingness and the strength to fight helps you or your loved one come though the other side.  Having family and friends in your corner giving you support and encouragement does help…. it certainly helped me.

Many thanks to Paul for sharing such a positive and poignant story.  If you would like to do the same, please do let us know.

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