It has long been considered that use of tanning beds can be a contributory factor in melanoma.  Several organisations and medical professionals, including the NHS, CRUK  and Macmillan, to name but a few, all give the same advice and that is ‘do not use sunbeds’.

In July of 2018 Melanoma UK launched a petition to ban sunbeds in the UK.  We are encouraging everyone to sign and share this petition.  We firmly believe that a ban on sunbeds will save lives and save vital funds for the NHS.  It was recently calculated  that a stage 4 melanoma patient is likely to cost the NHS in excess of £500,000.

Adverse effects surrounding the use of sunbeds are widely documented and evidence continues to grow.  Despite the assertions of others who have interests in sunbeds/solarium equipment. the report clearly says that it is  estimated that sunbed use is responsible for over 450 000 non-melanoma skin cancer cases and more than 10 000 melanomas in the United States, Europe and Australia.

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