Jay, the Mayor of Manchester and Rol Hawkins

A number of years ago, our founder Gill Nuttall, came across a young man in an online article.  That young man was Jay Allen who had been diagnosed with melanoma.  Jay used sunbeds regularly and was told by his medics, that his melanoma had come as a result of the use of sunbeds.

Over the following years, Jay campaigned for a ban on commercial sunbeds  and eventually, much to the delight of many, they were banned throughout Australia.

In the UK we have seen many people launch petitions to ban sunbeds, but for whatever reason, they weren’t successful.  This year we asked the Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA)  if they would support us in our work.  We desperately want to see the end of commercial sunbeds here in the UK.  Over the years we have spoken to many patients who have used sunbeds, gone on to develop melanoma and been fully supportive of a ban in the UK.

In July, Jay arrived in the UK and we launched the petition to ban the use of commercial sunbeds.  It is estimated that treating skin cancer will cost the NHS up to £465m a year by 2025. The NHS is already overstretched. If melanoma spreads through the body, it is notoriously difficult to treat. The treatments that are used are enormously expensive. A sunbed ban would indirectly support the NHS.

During Jay’s visit, we spoke with politicians, appeared on radio and television, met with the Mayor of Manchester, several patients and supporters of our work.

The petition continues to gather signatures and we are hopeful that we will get to the number required.   Please show your support and sign the petition.