This winter we are asking our fundraisers to help us to fund a very special project.

As many of our supporters know, Professor James Larkin at the Royal Marsden Hospital, is one of our medical advisors. Over the years, he has supported our work and has helped many patients and families. We support Professor Larkin’s work and his team and he are always extremely grateful for our help.

The team is collecting blood samples from all the patients who are starting adjuvant immunotherapy at the Marsden. In time this will hopefully be a large group of patients and they can see whether checking information provided by ctDNA at the start of treatment may help predict benefit and/or timing of relapse. In theory this has the potential to give patients some real-time feedback on the benefit of their adjuvant therapy, but also to spare others side effects from ongoing treatment if it will not be useful. Although they have embarked upon collecting the samples in this group under the Melanoma TRACERx study (50 patients so far), they are still seeking funding for this work.

We can help them carry out this work by our fundraising efforts. To help to take this project to the next step, we are asking our supporters to raise £10,000.

We already have several of our supporters planning their events around this and we would love to be able to achieve this by Christmas.

Get in touch today – tell us your plans and we will support your fundraising efforts.