Deborah and Chris VinesThe Face Medical Clinic, Heywood has become the first clinic in the North West to become an official partner with Melanoma UK, providing mole checking and removal services. 

With the number of cases of melanoma on the increase, clinic practitioners can make a difference in the battle against the brutal disease.

Last year over 15,000 newly diagnosed cases were reported and over 2,500 people died.

Gill Nuttall Founder and CEO of Melanoma UK commented:

“I met Deborah and Chris at Rochdale’s Forever Strong gym during melanoma awareness month.

Gym members completed several fundraising events for Melanoma UK. It was during an event in the gym that I realised that they took a particular interest in sun damage, as they had brought a machine which checks the harm that has been done to the face.

With the staff at the clinic seeing clients regularly, they are very well placed to check for any irregularities and point their clients in the right direction when necessary.

We are delighted to have their support.”

Deborah Vines, owner of Face Medical Beauty clinic is a registered nurse and has specialised in aesthetics for the last 13 years.:

“I know that melanoma is a particularly devastating disease and when I met Gill, it became clear that there was a connection in our work.

We see clients’ skin at every consultation, and we are firm believers in making sure we are well aware of any differences. 

Our partnership with Melanoma UK is a great fit for us and we will be making sure all our clients have skin checks whilst having their regular treatments.  If any of our clients have concerns about any skin issues and in particular if they are looking at mole removal, any such procedures will be carried out by Dr Nicole Chiang, Consultant Dermatologist  on the GMC Specialist register and advisor to Melanoma UK”.

Melanoma is the deadliest of all skin cancers. Most melanomas begin in the skin, although they can also start in  other parts of the body which contain melanocytes.