Written by Lucy Ware, this book is based in part on a true event.  Funny Old World takes the reader on an amusing journey through the life of Bea, whose way of life is suddenly altered following an accident.

Impatient with her slow recovery and obsessed with  getting life ‘back to normal’ Bea tries out various therapies and along the way discovers  that  laughter can be the  best medicine.

Expressed mainly through a series of letters and anecdotes, Bea describes the idiosyncrasies of her daily life and shows just how funny human beings and situations may appear. Characters include friends, family, acquaintances, anyone she comes across. The all patient Dr B, and the mysterious Dr Ling play an important part in the mosaic of Bea’s life and her eventual road to recovery.

The author has kindly offered to donate sale proceeds to Melanoma UK in memory of FJE Walters.


Copies available here