In March 2018, Georgina Spikings and her father took on the biggest challenge of their lives.  They climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania – a staggering 5895m tall (that’s 1403 double decker buses stacked on top of each other) with temperatures at the summit plummeting to -20  However, they considered that  nothing, compared to the life changing story below:

The decision to raise money for Melanoma UK, was after meeting a colleague at AW Hainsworth Stanningley, Stuart Brown – a loving single parent to his 8 year old son. In December 2015 Stu went to the Doctors with an itchy mole on his back – he was sent into hospital to have surgery and received news the mole was melanoma. Skin cancer! Doctors followed this by operating on him a further SEVEN times over the next two years, removing tumours which have been persistent in growing back, and having to have his lymph glands removed.

Stu lives with the underlying thought of what could happen if he doesn’t fight hard enough against the cancer and the torment of the possibility of leaving a child, his child without him to grow up in this world? These have been Stu’s thoughts over the past 8 surgical procedures all in hope he can be patched up until his son is 18.  Georgina was aware of our work and that we run purely via donations and funds raised by supporters and decided to put something in.   She also felt that, the fundraising which would  give Stu a boost knowing that everyone has his back.

During the lead up to the event, Georgina wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the dangers of sun damage, saying  “Even if you choose not to make a donation, be aware that sun burn increases your chance of getting melanoma. As an adult Stu never got sun burnt, although as a child he did. Please, please, please take care to protect your children against the sun”.

Speaking after meeting Stu and Georgina, Gill Nuttall said “I am completely in awe of Stu, Georgina and her dad.  Stu, because he just deals with melanoma in a very positive yet unassuming manner, and Georgina and her dad for having the wherewithal to climb that mountain!  £2,275 is an unbelievable amount of money to raise and we are grateful”.

Gill Nuttall, Stuart and Georgina.