Health And Beauty MelanomaWe recently spotted a story from America which related to a hair stylist spotting a melanoma on the scalp of one of her clients.

We believe it is vital that anyone who sees the skin of their clients regularly,  should be encouraged to keep a careful check. There is no need to alarm clients, it is a very simple case of checking for something that looks different to how it looked the last time you saw it, or something new. This is something that we have advocated for a number of years and in the last couple of years, we have been encouraging hair and beauty salons, to become partners with Melanoma UK.

A number of salons joined the scheme in the last year and have been active in making sure that their staff are ‘skin aware’ and are not afraid to open up a conversation with a client.

We believe that the health and beauty industry as a whole, can play a massive part in the fight against melanoma, especially in the UK, where rates of melanoma are increasing.

For further information about the Melanoma UK skin safe project, please get in touch: 0808 171 2455