Today would have been Jon’s 40th birthday.  He was a wonderful son, brother, grandson, nephew and a very dear friend.   When we found out that Jon was not going to survive melanoma, we started to fundraise and raise awareness of melanoma.  Jon always said that he really felt for patients with this disease, he felt the support was lacking.  Since Jon passed away, we have done what we can to fulfil his wishes:  more support for patients and families, funds raised for research into the disease together with support of the doctors and nurses in this area.

The landscape in melanoma is very different these days.  Sadly, back in 2007, there were no treatments that could have helped Jon, but now there are several treatments in advanced melanoma:  as an organisation and with assistance from other patients and families, we have helped bring these treatments to patients and today, patients are surviving this disease.  We think Jon would be proud and delighted.

We are still in contact with Jon’s family, his mum Jackie, dad Rod, and his sister Catherine.  They support our work and we are very grateful to them for their continued support and of course for the friendship that their son gave to us, and now to many more.

Melanoma UK Founder, Gill Nuttall and Jon Herron.