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For a number of years, we have taken patients along to the NICE meetings when melanoma treatments are being appraised. It makes perfect sense to have a patient speaking to the committee.  As an organisation, Melanoma UK and its representatives know the enormity of advanced melanoma, but our information will never be as powerful as that of the testimony of a patient.

In the summer of 2015, Gill Nuttall went to a NICE appraisal of Pembrolizumab and that day met a patient that until that point, she had only had email and social media contact with.  Kath Osmond had agreed to take part in the appraisal.  Herself a melanoma patient, she had already been treated with Ipiliumamb, Dabrafenib and Tramatenib and was in a good position to tell the NICE committee of her experiences.

It was a pleasure to meet Kath that day and watch her give her evidence, very clear, concise and yet very poignant.  By the end of that meeting, the committee were in no doubt what new melanoma treatments were going to mean to Kath and others like her.

Since that time, Kath’s progress has been well documented.  Sadly, the disease progressed and Kath’s options became extremely limited. She embarked on the very difficult journey of TILS during a time when a number of other patients were also going along the same path. Sadly, some of the patients who had started the TILS process did not make it, but despite some very tough times, Kath is still with us and doing what she can to promote awareness of melanoma and spread the word as to the importance of skin checks, care etc.

We are proud that we know Kath and that she is part of our team.

Here is Kath’s latest piece of news: http://www.itv.com/news/westcountry/2017-01-30/kath/