Martin Nicholls was diagnosed with melanoma and says quite openly, that the diagnosis rocked his family’s world.

Martin says the huge uncertainty and the waiting was the worst part but was  fortunate in that he now only has to go through a period of regular checks.  Quarterly visits to hospital are a small inconvenience in comparison to what could have been.  The physical scars left behind are nothing in comparison to the psychological ones.  Melanoma is not just an illness that causes physical illness.   The psychological impact of this illness is huge and people who suffer it need support.  Melanoma UK helps with this support.  Not just to people who have Melanoma but their families too.

Martin contacted us to let us know that he was arranging a football match between a team of men that he had been playing with for years, and the Amblecote Allstars put together by Simon Ashby.  The match took place on January 21st.

The efforts of the team raised just shy of £1,000.   We are very grateful to Martin and the lads.