ne Taft – Melanoma UK’s Charity Lottery Winner

In 2015, on Anne Taft’s birthday, Anne’s very dear friend Pauline Martindale died of melanoma. In the months leading up to her death, Pauline (a keen musician) had asked Anne (herself a musician and music teacher) if she would take her keyboards into safe keeping, as she wanted to make sure that they would be cherished after her death. Promising Pauline that she would just ‘take care’ of the keyboards, Anne did so.

When Anne was approached by one of the Melanoma UK lottery fundraisers, she signed up immediately. She knew from her own personal experience what a devastating disease melanoma is, and she felt it important to support the work of the organisation.

When Anne received the phone call to tell her that she was one of the winners, she was in shock for a good few minutes! Speaking from her home in Huyton Anne said “At first I thought I was being wound up. I’ve never won anything in any lottery and it seemed too good to be true! But it wasn’t, and I had won one of the jackpot prizes of £5,000. I have used the prize very carefully, helping my father to repair his car, getting a new cooker, a laptop to store some of the music we have recorded, a dishwasher for my sister and I also helped my son and daughter to promote their own music. All told, this money has helped us achieve a number of things that we had been wanting to do for some time. I’m so grateful and will of course continue to play”.

Gill Nuttall CEO of Melanoma UK commented:

“The story behind Anne’s lottery win was such a poignant one. I know from my own experience, how devastating a melanoma diagnosis is, and it was lovely to meet Anne and hear the story behind the win. We are truly grateful for her support”.

Diane Cannon, Melanoma UK’s corporate and sponsorship director added:

“When I heard that one of our Melanoma UK supporters had won the jackpot prize in our lottery, I was so excited.

Then when I found out it was someone from my very own city of Liverpool, it made my day. A lot of effort goes on behind the scenes to build this lottery and winners like Anne make it all worth while.

Its hard not to get emotional when you listen to Annes story and as both myself and Gill have suffered personal loss to this vile disease, knowing that all what we do at Melanoma UK, helping others, makes it all worthwhile.

Our lottery is just one of the ways to raise money for the charity so if anyone wants to know more, please contact us for more information. Well done Anne and thank you for your continued support”.