Following the launch of the patient registry during which Piers Morgan tweeted about the importance of melanoma patients joining the registry, he appeared in a TV programme, Serial Killers.  It was during this programme that our CEO Gillian Nuttall, noticed a blemish on his chest.  Piers was wearing an open neck shirt and Gillian spotted the blemish immediately.  She had an email address for Morgan and sent him a quick email, asking him to have it checked.

Piers Morgan spoke out about his experience in several news publications.   This kind of story highlights the need for vigilance regarding our skin.  Gillian says “If I can see something that I think needs to be looked at and I have no medical qualifications, this just means that we should all be extra vigilant and if we see something on a friend, relative, or in this case a celebrity, speak out and get them to get it checked.  Who knows, you could save a life.”

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