One of our patients is enlisting the help of other patients who are experiencing problems at hospital pharmacies.  Please take a moment to complete the survey.  This has been carried out with a view to helping the pharmacies perform better for patients, and make life easier for cancer patients.

Message from advanced melanoma patient, Rollo Hawkins:

If you are a regular patient in any hospital in the U.K. or, especially, a patient at The Christie in Manchester and you have made use of the pharmacy located in the hospital itself, it would be very much appreciated if you can complete the attached questionnaire (it’s very short I promise!) to give some feedback on how the service operates.

I will be having a meeting with the Director of Pharmacy at Christies in a few weeks after I had reason to issue a complaint, and want to provide a balanced and productive amount of feedback based on the opinions of multiple patients – rather than just me! I am particularly interested in hearing suggestions to improve as well as negative experiences – from any hospital.

The survey is anonymous and I am hoping we can drive some changes at Christies with a view to also sharing improvements with other hospitals. I am only interested in feedback regarding the pharmacy in your hospital – the feedback survey is not requesting information about any other department.

Please complete the survey here