Melanoma UK has partnered with Novartis to obtain the experiences of the impact of a melanoma diagnosis by patients, carers and their friends and family.

Earlier in 2017, we conducted an online survey of people living with melanoma (early and advanced stage) and their friends, families or carers to better understand the level/quality of information and support given upon diagnosis.

The survey focused on opinions around awareness and understanding of melanoma, the different treatment options and how information is provided to patients and their families.

Key results from the survey show that:

  • 97% of patients and 95% of families, friends or carers feel there is a need for better awareness of the early signs of melanoma
  • 68% of patients don’t feel they had a good understanding or awareness of what the early signs of melanoma were before their diagnosis
  • 80% of patients and 95% of family, friends or carers agreed or strongly agreed that there is a need for more information about new therapies that treat melanoma
  • 63% of family, friends or carers indicated they would like further information on the impact of melanoma on day-to-day life, along with over 50% of patients.

Melanoma is the fifth most common cancer in the UK, in 2014 over 40 cases were diagnosed every day. The incidence of melanoma has risen dramatically over recent years, with rates increasing by 45% in the last 10 years. However, if detected early melanoma is almost always treatable. Today, 90% of people diagnosed with melanoma will live for 10 years or more, compared with only 50% of those diagnosed in the 1970s.

The survey was conducted in partnership with Novartis Survey Monkey. It was carried out from 21 March to 8 May 2017 with 174 respondents completing the survey. Novartis UK will be working with Melanoma UK to develop patient resources following the results of this survey.