Another glimpse into the poetic mind of Rollo Hawkins.  We are grateful to him for sharing his work with us.

Twas the night before Christmas 2016 – Melanomamates

‘Twas two weeks before Christmas and Rollo once more
A poem to write he decided for sure.
The dinner was eaten and the kitchen was clean
Alex on his iPad as usual unseen;
Rollo was reflecting on the year that was gone,
The places he visited and the things that were done.
The year was filtered through the darkest of days
Melanoma was diagnosed – the scariest phrase.
He was shell shocked and shaken right to the core
This time next year …. would he be here anymore?
There started his ride through the valleys and hills
Of his hearts worst fears and relentless thrills
As he stayed NED and one step ahead
Of the beast which is cancer and the endless dread
Irony was his partner as he spent most of his time
Becoming so healthy and back to his prime
Good food and wellbeing was the new number one
Boozing and schmoozing were all but done.
The road was bumpy and some days were hard
The constant anxiety and being on guard.
Is this a new lump? A mole ? Or a gland?
New operations and drugs would be hard to withstand.
But others days were good and memories were made
He remembered to laugh and not be afraid.
The trip to the US was just awesome as hell
Creating the stories at a later date to tell
Jokes and laughter and silly little games
Faces of joy now captured in frames.
A poignant reminder at some point he prayed
For others to remember the joy that was made.
His heart was still heavy thinking of those
Who’s lives by MM had come to a close.
Stuart and Sarah were the latest to go
Loved and cherished and in our hearts aglow.
Phil and Katie before them; I name but a few
And too many others now joining the queue.
But like the ride which is cancer, he rose out of the mire
And thought of those mates he had come to admire.
Gill is our champion leading from the front
Lucy on TV with doctors to confront
Mel is our reference – what doesn’t he know?
Jackie the loudest by far in the show.
Susannah the happy one in the pack
Positive attitude she declares is the knack.
Francisco the amazing who seems to have suffered
Every side effect possible with no complaint being uttered.
Debbie my mate we share an operation bond
And Ellen one of several from over the pond.
Jen with her videos and Angie the Sage
The list just goes on and on down the page.
Imogen arranging the most awesome Meet
The Melanoma Patient Conference … Wow what a feat!
With his heart now lifted Rollo remembered the best
The support and the love with which he was blessed
So to all of my mates as I turn out the light,
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

8/12/2016 – Written to cheer people up after we lost a couple of mates