Fund A Dermatology Pilot

Melanoma UK is looking to purchase 6 dermatoscopes for use by volunteer GP's that have a high number of dermatology referrals.  A six-month trial would be undertaken to gain feedback from primary care on the use of the dermatoscopes and to see the impact that this had on referral patterns.

The aims of funding a dermatology pilot across the UK are to:

  • Improve the patient experience by, providing access to specialist advice more quickly and more locally
  • Increase the number of patients whose dermatology condition is managed in primary care
  • Improve the GP experience through gains in clinical confidence and competence in dermatology by feedback provided by the consultant
  • Reduce the number of unnecessary routine adult dermatology referrals to secondary care, and thereby save money
  • Reduce waiting times for patients and GP’s to receive consultant dermatologist advice
  • Reduce waiting times for those patients who need to be referred to secondary care.

We need your help.