On 29th January our Digital Registry partners, Vitaccess will host a patient feedback session and provide an opportunity for our patients to feedback on how the app has been received and then help mold the next phase of roll out. 

The workshop will take place in London but with the option to "virtually" present back using Whatsapp and give everyone an opportunity to have their say. 

The team will be looking for feedback on:

  • What things in the app should we start doing / keep doing / stop doing?
  • What are the 3 main feedback points about the app? 

The project has recently reached its first milestone with its first subscription and this means Vitaccess can now start profit share with Melanoma UK.  £10,000 will be donated towards the next FotoFinder ATBM with an official announcement following in the coming weeks.  

With now more than 400 registered users, it is really important to keep the conversation going between all of us so that the app remains useful and attractive to participants.

If you require any details in relation to this event and the app, please contact Di Cannon at [email protected]

Booking for this event has now closed.