Kevin was first diagnosed with Stage 2 Melanoma in early 2018 and had surgery to remove a cyst from his forearm and was then told that the melanoma hadn't spread to his lymph nodes. Thinking the Cancer had been treated successfully, Kevin was shocked to be told that he had Stage 4 Metastatic Melanoma in December 2019. 

He started Immunotherapy treatment in January 2020 and then had to shield as Covid gripped the country. Due to a severe flare up of Ulcerative Colitis, a condition he has had for over 25 years, Kevin had to stop Immunotherapy after 8 months.

Thankfully the Immunotherapy had already done what he and his family had hoped it would, shrinking his tumors significantly and keeping the Cancer under to control to date.

Kevin said "I soon realised that in order to fight Melanoma I had to be physically and mentally fit, with mental fitness being more of a challenge. Thanks to a great support network of family, friends and charities including Melanoma UK, I was able to find the tools to help me battle this and more importantly, to find hope."

Kevin is passionate about helping others diagnosed with Melanoma and managing the mental impact of a Cancer diagnosis. 

He isn't letting melanoma get the better of him, he loves walking, taking trips with his amazing family and if that isn't enough he is currently writing a book about HOPE.  

We are delighted to welcome Kevin to the team....a great addition to our family.