Patients Matter Survey

Melanoma UK, Melanoma Focus, together with the British Association of Skin Cancer Specialist Nurses (BASCSN) and Melanoma Action & Support Scotland (MASScot), have co-operated with pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers Squibb to launch a survey of melanoma patients across the UK.

The survey is aimed at understanding how informed and supported patients feel during their melanoma treatment and care, how involved they consider they have been in the decisions that have been made and the extent to which their priorities and expectations were taken into account when making those decisions.

The findings of this survey will be used as the basis of a report that will be sent to politicians and people making decisions in the NHS. This is intended to help them understand more about what matters to patients and to suggest what changes to services are needed in order to achieve improvements.

Patients with Stage 3 or 4 melanoma are eligible to participate in this survey, which should only take about ten minutes to complete. All responses are completely anonymous and confidential, so no personal information should be provided in the box at the end of the survey.

The survey is now closed with a first draft of the Melanoma Patients Matter report under review.

Final report due to be circulated Q1 2019