We are delighted to welcome Ross Robinson to the Melanoma UK family as our new Ambassador.  His main goal is to help heighten awareness of how podiatry plays a huge part in detecting melanoma and non melanoma skin cancer. 

He also specialises in post treatment complex wound management so we are delighted Ross has joined the team as these are two very big topics within our community.

Ross graduated in Podiatry from the Glasgow Caledonian University and has had several roles within the Podiatry world.  He also has over 15 years’ clinical experience within Wound Care in the NHS nationally and internationally.

His key areas of interest are the vascular assessment, Diabetic Foot Ulceration and wound care.

Ross was service lead in two London NHS Trust and strong believe in empowering the next generation of Podiatrist by being a strong role model and expanding current borders of practise.

Ross has a great passion for sustainability within the world of wound care and is embarking in research in this field.

Currently, Ross is the Clinical Specialist covering the UK & EMEA for PolyNovo therapy areas including burns, trauma, complex wounds and skin cancer & melanoma post operative wounds.

Welcome to the family Ross!