Every May, our goal is to get people on their own ‘mole hunt’, encouraging them to check their skin and look out for any changes to markings on their body.
Melanoma is one of the few cancers we can see for ourselves. That means it’s in our power to catch it early – and if we do that, we stand a better chance of dealing with it. The past couple of years have significantly impacted our health, not just from Covid itself but from the knock-on effect it has had. National lockdowns and pressure on healthcare systems mean melanoma, the deadliest skin cancer, has gone undetected and untreated.
With the dramatic shortage of skin cancer specialists in the UK, we need to empower the public to get involved and help us fight back. The chances of beating melanoma are hugely increased when it’s detected early, and using an app like SkinVision allows us to access skin experts who can identify when a mole is likely to be high risk.

 FREE 7-day SkinVision licences

As part of our National Mole Hunt we are giving away thousands of to the UK public. If you would like to take charge of your skin health then download the SkinVision app by following one of the options below:

Option 1:

  • Download the SkinVision App using your smartphone - Android or iPhone 
  • Follow the sign-up process and make an account (Please remember to open the app on your smartphone)
  • At check out use the code: checkyourskin1

Option 2:

  • Using your smartphone, click on the following link Free 7-Day SkinVision Licence
  • Follow the sign-up process, make an account and you will have access to a free 7-day SkinVision licence

Option 3:

  • Using your smartphone, scan the QR code shown on the image below
  • Follow the sign-up process, make an account and you will have access to a free 7-day SkinVision licence

It’s vital that we get into the habit of checking our skin and taking the necessary steps to get medical advice when needed, not just during Skin Cancer Awareness Month, but all year round.

Please note: We have 10,000 licences to give away - once they have all be downloaded we will update our news/social channels.  After the 7 days expire, people will have an opportunity of maintaining the app for a year for £25 (normally £50) For more detail on SkinVision please click here