The day I was diagnosed I went home and wrapped the children’s Christmas presents like nothing had happened. I will never forget that day and how the diagnosis changes you as a person. Thankfully for me I caught it early and with a fantastic and pro active consultant and skin cancer nurse I had surgery in early January 2019.

This research is extremely important for melanoma patients who are not responding to treatments. I am lucky enough to say that I didn’t require further treatment but their are people who are fighting this cancer who’s bodies are not responding to current treatments. Currently melanoma uk does not receive funding from the government which is why I have decided to do chars miles for melanoma, not only to raise funds but also to raise awareness. Whatever you can afford to donate please do, get your moles checked, and protect yourself from the sun, it only takes a person to be burnt by the sun once to cause skin cancer. After diagnosis your lifestyle changes, no more sun bathing, wearing factor 50 every day, staying covered in hot weather and regular appointments for 5 years with a skin cancer specialist. This is my thank you to the NHS for acting quickly and to help find alternative treatments when melanoma stops responding. I will be running every day in May which equates to more than a marathon and have set up an Instagram page where you can follow my journey chars_miles_for_melanoma. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and thank you to the truly amazing NHS.

Charlene Duckworth