A year ago my amazing Dad was diagnosed with stage 3c Nodular Malignant Melanoma.

Since his diagnosis Dad has had numerous surgeries, scans, blood tests, skin checks, and almost completed all of his immunotherapy treatments at Mount Vernon Hospital. All of the money I raise will go directly to the team that has looked after my Dad so wonderfully.

I am really passionate about raising LOTS of money, but but also raising awareness of Melanoma (and all skin cancers) to my friends and family. If you have any concerns or any of the below please see your Doctor sooner rather than later.

A - ASYMMETRY - One half does not match the other
B - BORDERS - Uneven Borders
C - COLOUR - Variety of Colours
D - DIAMETER - Larger than the size of a pencil rubber
E - EVOLUTION - Change in size, shape, colour

For those of you who know me going a month without a drop of Prosecco is not going to be easy, so please dig deep.

Thank you Emma ❤️

Emma Coomes