Next month I will be fulfilling a life long ambition to do a tandem skydive. I will be fundraising for Melanoma UK and hope to raise lots of money for a wonderful charity that is very close to my heart. This small but perfectly formed charity has always been there for me and countless others.  Whether that is patients friends or relatives. They are also experts in so many ways as well as having many professionals available if needed. So many times Melanoma UK has helped me in so many ways.

I have been a melanoma patient for 6 years and I’m being treated at Mount Vernon hospital under Dr Paul Nathan and his team. I had a tumour removed from my small intestine which was then found to be melanoma. At one point I had 5 mets and now after a long course of Pembrolizamab I am currently NED ( No Evidence of Disease) 😊 

I’m proud to be an ambassador for Melanoma UK and hopefully can now give something back!!

Tina Manning