My mission is to run Brighton Marathon 2021 to raise as much money as possible for Melanoma UK, because it is a cause close to my heart.

In May 2020 my partner Patrick was diagnosed with stage IV incurable Melanoma. It came as a total shock, as back in 2017 he had a stage II mole removed and following scans was given the all clear. Now, 16 months on we are in a cycle of oral medication, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, scans and so on.

We live our lives in perpetual limbo - simply hoping that the treatments will work, and that we still have treatment options. So raising money to help develop effective immunotherapy treatment feels like something I can do to help - especially as immunotherapy did not seem to work in Patrick's case.

So please spare a bit of cash if you can! Every bit of research gives hope to people to people like Patrick - and me.

Thank you. X Petra Giffard