A few years ago, I reached out to the team at Melanoma UK to ask for some support. Fortunately, they linked me up with a specialist who was able to help me and I was treated very well, spending more precious time with my family and friends.

I have done some fundraising for Melanoma UK over the last few years and my aim is to do one final push to raise the funds to provide a body mapping unit. It is well known that early detection of any disease is vitally important and melanoma is no different. This machine will make a difference to the future of many.

Previously, in 2019, we raised £6000 in our Walking Football DAM Trophy which was presented to Gillian Nuttall from Melanoma UK. Then, unfortunately COVID19 hit but that hasn't stopped us and so far we have raised over £4000 and our aim is to raise a total of £30,000 to buy the mole mapping machine. We have have number of events planned over the coming months.

We truly appreciate your support and are grateful for all your donations!

Mike Hull. xx 

Mike Hull