Jonathan Herron

Meet Jonathan Herron. He's the reason we're here. A young man from Northern Ireland. Kind, funny and courageous beyond all comprehension, he sadly passed away in May 2008.

His brave battle with melanoma inspired us to set up a support group in his name.

Jon told us that he was struck by a lack of awareness programmes and support groups around melanoma and thought it was a brilliant idea.

The reason we are here, Gillian Nuttall, CEO of Melanoma UK

"When I first went to a hospital appointment with Jon, it struck me what a lovely place it was.  That might seem a strange thing to say about a hospital, especially one dealing with such serious illness, yet everyone there was there for the same reason, they were being treated, diagnosed, recovering etc.

As Jon's treatment progressed and it became clear what a difficult place he was in, I made up my mind to do something that really mattered and try to make a difference to the sufferers of melanoma.

In April 2007, Melanoma UK inc Factor 50 was launched and has grown considerably. We have helped and supported so many people, friends, family, patients, families of patients and the growth of Melanoma UK has been astonishing. I love the work this involves and it has gone far beyond what I ever imagined.  The aim initially was to raise funds and awareness of the disease, but we are now so much more than that.  We do so much more.   

Skin cancer and melanoma affect families in a way you can't imagine.  After seeing how Jon and his family were affected, I knew we had to do something positive."

We started our journey as 'Factor 50', a small group of friends raising funds and drawing attention to the disease. We became Melanoma UK in 2013 and today we're the UK's leading melanoma patient organisation. Driven, active and connected, we never stand still in the fight against melanoma.

A fitting tribute to such a wonderful man.

JON HERRON 25.4.78 – 21.5.08.

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