On Saturday the government published the PHE guidance for people most at risk of severe illness requiring hospitalisation if they catch coronavirus (Covid-19). 

In addition to the guide, many patients have also received a letter from the NHS as people who are extremely vulnerable to coronavirus.  This means that patients must stay at home at all times and avoid any face-to-face contact for at least 12 weeks. Therein lies the problem.

We know by the sheer volume of calls and messages received at Melanoma UK that a large number of our melanoma patients received those letters. Now our patient community needs additional help during this difficult time.

The government is currently recruiting volunteers across the UK in a national effort to tackle this pandemic and to support this initiative, Melanoma UK would like to rally the troops and help the members of our melanoma ‘family’ who need it.

We are setting up a Melanoma UK COVID-19 Community Support Group.  The group will consist of people in your community who will be willing and able to help others.

When we say help, this might be a quick shopping trip, collection of medication, a dog walk or simply make a regular phone call to a patient in isolation.

As a patient support group we put our melanoma patients at the centre of everything we do. To get this initiative off the ground we need your help to make the process as straightforward as possible. 

If you think you can help as a volunteer or you are one of the many patients who just need a little more support right now, then let us know. 

Click the VOLUNTEER link if you are interested in volunteering, simply provide the briefest of details using the volunteer online form. Details required include:

o   Your name

o   Your postal area

o   Contact number

o   Days/Times when you are available to help.  

Click the PATIENT link for any patient who needs help, all you need to do is the same thing. Simply provide the details using the patient online form. Details required include:

o   Your name

o   Your postal area

o   Contact number

o   What help is needed.  

We will monitor the feedback every morning (between 8am – 10am) and every evening (between 6pm – 8pm), so please feel free to message us if you need support. 

If you are a melanoma patient currently in isolation, please don’t struggle in silence. We will make this work.