Melanoma: Let’s get under the skin of it is a campaign to encourage patients, loved ones, partners and carers to learn more about melanoma – whether recently diagnosed or simply hoping to learn more.

On this page we have provided links to some materials to help get under the skin of each melanoma diagnosis – the materials cover topics such as diagnosis and treatment, gene mutations and how they may affect treatment options, and a guide outlining tips and questions for conversations with healthcare professionals.

The goals of the Melanoma: Let’s get under the skin of it campaign are to help patients and their families:

  • Understand more about melanoma, from staging to treatments
  • Learn more about melanoma gene mutations, such as the BRAF mutation, and how these mutations affect treatment options
  • Communicate clearly with melanoma experts, with clear questions to ask and points to remember during appointments – to ensure you have all the information you need about your personal diagnosis

Materials available


Overview Download
Understanding Melanoma guide A downloadable guide with information about melanoma, from diagnosis and stages, to treatment options Understanding_Melanoma_Guide_
Patient Consultation Guide and Checklist A downloadable guide with information on the melanoma care team, tips and a checklist for appointments, and a list of questions to support conversations Patient_Consultation_Guide
Understanding the BRAF mutation A downloadable guide on the relevance of gene mutations and the BRAF mutation status to the treatment and care of melanoma Understanding_the_BRAF_mutation
Disease awareness infographic A downloadable visual aid with facts, figures and practical information about melanoma Infographic

The Melanoma: Let’s get under the skin of it campaign has been developed by Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Limited in partnership with Melanoma UK.