Melanoma UK launches its sister organisation Skin Cancer UK.  

When we think about the prominent organs that make up our bodies, we think of the heart, the lungs, the brain and perhaps the liver. Despite being our largest organ, we tend not to give skin much of a second thought. 

Here in the UK we now have increasing numbers of non-melanoma skin cancers and these cases are still under prioritised by national and local health systems. 

There can be no doubt that the pandemic created unprecedented challenges for our healthcare system and the COVID backlog has had a very serious impact on the treatment of all skin cancers.  Focusing on non-melanoma skin cancers (NMSC) has become an urgent matter. 

Skin Cancer UK has been established to address the needs of people with NMSC in the UK. With the support of our existing parent organisation, Melanoma UK, it is our aim to offer support to people dealing with a NMSC diagnosis. 

At Melanoma UK, we’re committed to improving outcomes for people living with melanoma, their carers, and the UK health system. That’s why we’ve launched Skin Cancer UK – in the hope of supporting NMSC patients, raising awareness of the disease, and delivering policy reform that will help shape the way NMSC is considered and managed in the UK.