Sarah. Feb 1977 -October 2018

It is with a great sense of sadness, that we bring the news  of the death of Sarah Brookes.  We met Sarah a few months ago, but in our hearts and minds, we felt like we had known her for much longer.  Sarah was diagnosed with melanoma and knew she faced a massive uphill struggle.  

Back in summer, when we launched the petition for a ban on sunbeds in the UK, we went over to visit her with Jay Allen, himself a melanoma survivor (Melanoma Institute Australia) and later in the year, we visited again with Rol Hawkins, another melanoma patient.  She was a huge part of a social media group, giving support to many other patients.  

Sarah’s story has been widely documented and she desperately wanted to share her story so that others might learn from what happened to her.  She wanted to warn others of the dangers of the use of sunbeds.  She only used them a few times, yet there she was, at 40 years old, facing the knowledge that she might not survive the diagnosis of advanced melanoma.   

Sarah Brookes after her surgery

Sarah had various surgeries, treatments, but the reality was brought home to her just a few short weeks ago, when she began having several seizures and on Saturday evening, the 27 October, she passed away, with her husband Darren by her side.

We speak on behalf of the melanoma community and beyond, when we say she will be missed terribly.  She had such a zest for life and despite everything she faced, she looked on the bright side and was determined she was not going to allow her diagnosis to determine her.   Sarah spoke to many journalists during her illness, even on days when she really wanted to take it easy, she agreed to be photographed, interviewed and told her story, so that others could learn from her.   

Sarah leaves behind Darren, her two lovely sons, Morgan and Mason, her family and many friends.   

The team here at Melanoma UK send their sincere condolences to the family, we will never forget Sarah and we are grateful for her gritty determination.   Her name will be known alongside the petition to ban sunbeds in the UK.   Sleep tight Sarah, our work will continue and we will never forget you.   

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