Hello everyone,

A warm welcome to our fundraiser!

Here’s a little bit of a backstory. Charlie’s journey started back in October when we noticed a mole change on his belly. After having this mole removed we’re told it is nodular malignant melanoma, after lots of scans and a lymph node biopsy we found out it had spread to his lymph nodes and he is now stage 3. Charlie’s cancer had a mutation known as the Braf Mutation which is being treated with newer targeted therapies.

So now we would like to give something back and spread awareness, we are fundraising to support for the charity Melanoma Uk, no amount is too small, and every contribution matters. Melanoma UK aim to raise awareness of melanoma, and its prevention through education and research and supports melanoma patients, caregivers, and medical professionals through coordinated information and services.

We want to stress the importance of protecting skin against the sun and whether you have lots of moles or just a few moles, it’s so important to get any changes checked out!

And remember live every second without hesitation! Kathryn Pow