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Doreen Mary Fifer

Doreen was a cherished, beloved wife and an adored, devoted mother. She was a much loved and highly respected teacher and Deputy Headteacher. It was as if she was 'born to teach'. She had the innate ability to know what was best for her students. Doreen is remembered with so much love and is greatly missed by her family and all who knew her. 16 Jan 1943 - 21 Nov 2021 Read more

Natalie Street

Natalie was a beautiful daughter, a great friend and a wonderful teacher who fought Melanoma for 4 years, only losing her battle in November 2022, aged just 28 years. Not one to sun worship or use sun beds, we hope anyone reading this makes sure they are always careful in the sun. 24 Jun 1994 - 11 Nov 2022 Read more

Vanessa Solomon

Vanessa was a special friend in a supportive group, we will miss her every day, her contribution to the group, her wise words, her generous nature and her wicked sense of humour. 16 Jun 1978 - 29 Jun 2022 Read more

Tracy Crispe

In loving memory of our beautiful mum, wife and nanny. 17 Aug 1963 - 30 Jun 2022 Read more

Christopher Barker

Christopher's strength and conviviality will be greatly missed. In lew of flowers please donate to help with the essential work this charity does. Thank you 23 Jul 1943 - 24 Apr 2022 Read more

Stephen Robert Baker

Gillian helped support myself and my family during my brothers fight with an aggressive Melanoma diagnosis. He unfortunately passed away recently, but we are grateful for the support that was provided to us in trying to get Stephen the best help possible. Read more

Joanne Marie Hawes

Where to start… Jo was an incredible wife, mum, daughter, sister, Aunty, cousin and friend, she brought love, happiness and laughter in to so many peoples lives. 14 Mar 1970 - 28 Apr 2022 Read more


In loving memory of my role model, Dad. A loving Husband, Dad, Grandad, Brother and Friend. You are the most authentic, caring, family-orientated and fun loving man I'll ever know. Remembering you always x Born: 08 Jan 1937 Read more


All donations will be in lieu of flowers and in memory of Stuart will go towards the essential work of this charity. Read more


Paul was a lively, full of fun character, who was loved by many. He was a loved husband, father, son, brother and uncle. Paul was adored by his many friends and always enjoyed being around people. He was a well respected work colleague. 01 Jul 1963 - 22 Jan 2022 Read more


Carron was my only daughter, my best friend and my whole world. I would like Carron to be remembered as loving life and trying to live it to the full. 08 Jan 1988 - 01 Oct 2019 Read more


A wonderful Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend and proud Midwife, Jacqui meant so much to so many people. 24 May 1967 - 05 Feb 2019 Read more


Pat was a loving wife, mum and nana. We shall miss her dearly. 03 Mar 1953 - 31 May 2019 Read more


Brian was a well respected, gentle man and was loved by many. 22 Jan 1941 - 09 Jun 2020 Read more


Rollo's legacy - his mole mapping machine. 14 Dec 1967 - 08 May 2019 Read more


Our Son Neil, aged 48, lost his battle to Melanoma on June 27th, 2021 and we would like to raise money in Neils memory to fund a Horus mole mapping machine for Norfolk and Norwich Trust. Deceased: 27 Jun 2021 Read more

Brian O'Donnell

Brian meant an incredible amount to so many people, he was a brilliant Husband, Dad, Grandad, Son, Brother and Friend who will be sorely missed. 08 Aug 1957 - 05 Nov 2020 Read more


John was a loving Husband, Dad, Grandad and friend to everyone he met. He could never do enough for them and was a true gentleman through and through. 19 Feb 1948 - 15 Nov 2021 Read more


Professor Gore, a cancer expert described as an "inspiration" by the Duke of Cambridge. 18 Feb 1951 - 11 Jan 2019 Read more


My partner - a son and brother will be remembered for his courage fighting Melanoma. He will be thought of often and with love 28 May 1971 - 28 Oct 2021 Read more


Wonderful aunt and friend to so many! 26 Jul 1940 - 28 Jul 2019 Read more


Daniel died suddenly on 14 December 2018. He was 43 years old. 11 Aug 1975 - 14 Dec 2018 Read more


Judy sadly passed away having battled melanoma on 31st January 2019 04 Sep 1947 - 31 Jan 2019 Read more