Melanoma UK and LifeJacket are working together to bring much needed attention to the increase in numbers of men with melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer.

Men are almost twice as likely to die of skin cancer than women. The World Health Organisation forecasts that the incidence of male skin cancer will almost double over the next 20 years. This is a scary statistic that we must try to address and that's why we have collaborated with Lifejacket Skin Protection.

The facts about safety in the sun are usually well recognised. Research has shown that men are aware that sun exposure causes sunburn, and in turn, skin cancer. Yet despite this knowledge, many men are in denial about the risk of sun exposure to their own skin and fail to use sun protection – hat, sunscreen, clothing and sunglasses – regularly.

Men take less protective measures than women and are more likely to agree with the statement that ‘having a tan is sexy’.

The link between attractiveness and tanning is something we have worked very hard to overcome. While this has been somewhat successful amongst women, men are ignoring the risk preferring to focus on the perceived desirability of having a tan. This is a clear example of denial – skin cancer doesn’t discriminate. In fact, men under 49 are more likely to develop melanoma than any other cancer, and men between 15 and 39 are 55% more likely to die of melanoma than women in the same age group. 

Armed with these facts the partnership with Lifejacket makes perfect sense. Every day, Melanoma UK speaks to men and women whose lives have been shattered by melanoma. The messages are often clear: men just haven’t looked after their skin over the years.

They have a clever way of getting men to take care of their skin in a way that they haven’t bothered to before.

The products have been developed by men, for men, so the team really have got it right. The formula, packaging, cost, will fit well with any man of any age. Every product has been designed without compromise to combat men's pain points and remove all excuses for year round skin health and protection.

Listen to this short video from Professor James Larkin, Medical Advisor to Melanoma UK

We will be bringing you more updates on our partnership with the Lifejacket team.....Melanoma UK is really happy to be collaborating with such a fantastic team.

                                                     LIFEJACKET CREATIVE GENIUSES 

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