In July 2017, Alex Baker noticed a small growth on his right shin. Here he shares his story, including several graphic photographs.

In 2017 from July onwards I noticed a small growth on my right shin. Never really thought much about it other than it was a wart or something like that.  By August it had doubled in size and look peculiar.  I went to the doctor to investigate it.  I was told it was nothing to worry about.

By September the size had doubled again and I went back to see my GP.   I was told I would receive a referral, but again told that it wasn't anything to be too concerned about.  In November I went back again, they saw my concern and I was referred to see a dermatologist in January 2018.


When I saw the dermatologist he looked immediately concerned and said he wouldn’t rule out a Amelanotic melanoma. I had no idea what this was and I was calm.

In February 2018 this was removed for testing, and on Valentine’s Day 2018 I was called in to hospital to be told the scary news that I had cancer.

I was referred immediately to the Christie hospital.  They were amazing.  Within a month of being referred I was having my first operation, performing a wide excision and reconstructed rotation flap together with a sentinel node biopsy.

  A month later I went for a check up and I was told my cancer had spread to my lymph nodes.  I had started as a stage 2 (b) now I was a stage 3 (c).  See further information on stages Stages of melanoma.  

In May that year I had an operation to remove all lymph nodes in my right leg. 

The results came back clear and still to this day I have CT scans and regular checks. 

Unfortunately, resulting from my cancer I have had sepsis twice, cellulitis 3three times, meningitis and pneumonia.  

    Alex, we thank you for sharing your story.