My wife was diagnosed with a melanoma 2 and half years ago. Since then she had a number of surgeries to remove the mole with the cancer and other moles that could have possibly developed in melanoma in the future. I therefore started to learn a tiny bit of the challenges that people with cancer face, their feelings and above all I started to learn the risks of prolonged exposure to sun. Being Italian and therefore used to the sun and to spend summers on the beach, I never really paid much attention to risks long exposure to sun can have and I want to make sure that other people become aware and that they are given an opportunity to have their moles checked for potential melanoma. For these reasons I decided to start raising funds for Melanoma UK which not only supports patients but also aim to increase awareness of melanoma amongst people and to raise money to purchase diagnosis scanning machines to detect any change to moles that could lead to melanoma.

Davide Bernardi