This appeal is for Melanoma UK a charity that supports and advocates for patients and aids prevention of melanoma through education and research. Through the loss of a loved one and through work I have seen how this initially harmless-seeming disease can take life quickly. I would like to reduce the pain it causes. The challenge (a tandem skydive) has been chosen to raise £500 for Melanoma UK. As I am nearing retirement and definitely not known for thrill-seeking behaviour, this will be something new for me.

The 5th most common cancer, melanoma, affects all skin colours, sexes and ages. It may be surprising to know that the biggest rise is now in the 85-89 age group. It can affect all areas of the body, even the eye or under a toenail. Prevention and early detection are so vital with some statistics reporting that 86% of melanomas are preventable. Melanoma UK can help by raising awareness of risks such as sun exposure via their ambassadors or helping GP's to analyse moles and lesions in their surgery using a dermascope which can be provided by the charity with £600 of donations. Melanoma UK also disseminates valuable information on latest treatment options and research.

To learn much more please read the Melanoma UK website for a wealth of relevant information.

Every penny raised will go direct to Melanoma UK. Thank you for reading this, and if you do feel able to donate any amount, thank you so very much.

Catherine Bensberg