On November 22nd 2022, Jonny was diagnosed with skin cancer. Sitting in that room and hearing those words was surreal! Luckily the mole was removed, along with his lymph nodes during further surgery, to check for further spreading. A year ago we found out he was cancer free. Jonny has regular check ups at the skin cancer clinic every 3 months, where he is checked from head to toe. This will carry on for 5 years which is amazing. Hearing that it was caught early was fantastic, but it still haunts me that we were told if it was a few months later we’d be having a different conversation in terms of his prognosis! But luckily it was caught early and all is now well. We signed up to the Derby 10k just before Christmas, as a bit of a focus for fitness now that Jonny can exercise properly again. There’s been a lot of blood, sweat and tears 😂 literally! But we are doing this 💪🏼 we’ve decided to try and raise some money for Melanoma UK - to help them, thank them, and to also give us something to run for!
If you could donate a few pounds we would really appreciate it 🥰
Thank you! 🙏🏼 Lauren Ball