I have chosen to raise money and support melanoma uk as it’s a personal journey I’ve had to go through. Bringing awareness to others has become extremely important to me. In May 2018 I was diagnosed with stage 2 melanoma after having one mole surgically removed. I had to have further treatment which consisted of going to John Radcliffe and Churchill’s hospital in Oxford. I had sentinel lymph nodes removed for biopsy to see if the cancer had spread and went on to have the tissue and muscle area removed around area of the mole, again to make sure there was no way the cancer could be spread. I’m now under the hospital for 5 years with 3 month check ups and have a very large scar on my upper left arm. But on 4th October 2018 I was given the all clear and no further treatment was needed...... but your are left with visible and emotional scars. It’s been tough!

I am now running the Wokingham half marathon in February and the Reading half marathon in April and i am trying to raise a little money for melanoma uk.

Thank you for all your support ... Millie

Millie Dainton