In 2019 I sadly lost my mum to Melanoma, leaving behind 4 children and a grandchild.

In 2018 my mum was diagnosed with melanoma following a mole that had grown massively in little time. Whilst she was positive following the removal of her mole, she was later told that the horrible disease had moved onto other parts of her body, something that really hit us all hard. My mum was so strict on us using suncream to protect us from skin cancer for as long as I can remember, so this was something we didn't see happening as she was always so careful. Unfortunately, the cancer eventually spread to her brain causing numerous tumours in a very short time. Following immunotherapy around easter time, my mum heartbreakingly got worse and worse as the days went on and spent a lot of time in hospital. Her speech slowly went and then on the morning of June 3rd my mum sadly passed away at derby hospital, surrounded by her close family.

Since, I have researched up so much about melanoma as it is something I really didn't know much about. Following the death of my mum, I have since followed Melanoma UK on social media and been a strong supporter in order to teach everyone about it. This is why I have chosen Melanoma as my charity that I would like to form a bond with in order to raise money and awareness in memory of my mum.

Whilst I have since struggled to come to terms with the loss of my mum, I have taken time to figure out ways I want to help others going through the same experiences as we did. I have since set up my own business in memory of my mum, RNS Mobile Disco. Of every booking we get when we are allowed to work (I'm writing this in lockdown 2020) we will be donating a small sum, we will also be hosting regular charity events to raise money. Our fundraising page Remembering Ruth is a space where we can always look back on how much we have managed to raise in memory of my mum.

I will also be taking part in lots of charity events around the country for Melanoma UK and my business will be holding raffles and competitions to raise money also.

My mum was the most amazing human ever and life isn't the same without her, but lockdown 2020 has allowed me to grieve and realise that although she isn't here anymore I need to make her proud in order to help me grieve.

My goal is £250 per full year, I shall keep note below with how I get on!

Thank you for reading and supporting.

Jayde Chamberlain-Hanger

RNS Mobile Disco Jayde Chamberlain-Hanger