I am Gill Nuttall's son, Stephen. I knew Jon very well. We were good mates and he was like a big brother to me. We used to call each other 'Big Bro' and 'Little Bro'. As many people know, Jon passed away in May 2008, just after his 30th birthday. I am now in my mid thirties and I am very aware that Jon never got to experience more time, time with his wonderful family and friends, and he didn't get to have children. I now have two children and I know that he would have been an amazing friend to my kids as well as the rest of us.

I am running the Manchester Half Marathon in October this year. I have done a number of 10ks and Born Survivor events for Melanoma UK, but this will be my first ever half marathon. I am training hard.

Thank you for visiting my page and for your support.

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Stephen Nuttall