Our volunteer ambassadors help us to raise awareness of the work we do by attending events to talk about our work, encourage others and get involved in fundraising activities.

This is a really important role as it helps us to reach new people, inspire new fundraising activity, and thank our supporters for the work they are doing.




A big warm welcome to Lisa, the latest Melanoma UK Ambassador to join our team. 

Lisa lost her wonderful Dad to melanoma when he was just 59 years old. She knew then that she wanted to make a difference but never in a million years did she think melanoma would come knocking on her own front door.  In December 2018 Lisa got the shock of her life when she was diagnosed herself with melanoma.

This has not stopped this pocket rocket, Lisa is now on a mission to educate as many people as possible on how dangerous this disease is. 

From sponsored walks to boat parties there is no stopping this amazing woman....she has a simple mission and that is to help save lives from being utterly devastated by this awful disease.



Tina is no stranger to the world of melanoma.  Diagnosed herself a number of years ago, Tina was a very successful responder to a particular melanoma treatment, but very recently was found to need further treatment following further brain involvement.  

Tina is one of our 'go-to' patients and can be relied upon to support other patients who are going through the same thing as her

Tina has never allowed melanoma to control her life, she has continued to work, she fundraises for Melanoma UK and is a pivotal part of the team that has been fighting for a ban on sunbeds in the UK since 2018.  Welcome to the team Tina!       



Anthea is another welcome addition to the Ambassadorial team. 

A melanoma patient herself, Anthea can be relied upon to support other patients who are going through the same thing as her.  She is a great advocate for the work that we do and we are delighted to have her on the team.  

Anthea was diagnosed with melanoma when she found a wart like growth on her ear.  Since her diagnosis, she has undergone major surgery, involving the complete removal of one of her ears. 

Determined to make sure others learn from her mistakes, Anthea is strongly against the use of sunbeds and has been very vocal in supporting the petition for a ban.  



Dan Whiting is the latest Melanoma UK Ambassador to join the growing team.  

Dan is a cricket author and journalist who has been described "as one of the leading alternative cricket writers in Britain right now" by The Cricketer Magazine.

He has written four books including number one bestsellers in Amazon's cricket section, writes regularly for The Cricket Paper and is a regular contributor to Talk Sport radio offering articulate insights delivered from a humorous angle. He has interviewed numerous professional cricketers as well as celebrities such as Piers Morgan. 

Dan has written, devised and presented a stage show called Pushing the Boundaries, involving live interviews on stage with numerous professional cricketers. Having toured across the UK including venues at London, Yorkshire and South Wales, these have all been in aid of Melanoma UK.

He hopes to raise awareness as an ambassador educating cricketers who are exposed to long periods of sunshine, that protection is a necessity.

Not often serious, Melanoma is a subject that is a sobering subject for him, having lost a close friend to the disease in 2016.

Dan looks forward to continuing his long standing association with Melanoma UK and we are happy to have him on board. 


Chris Bryant MP joined the Melanoma UK Ambassadorial team in July 2019.  Chris was diagnosed with Melanoma earlier this year and since his own diagnosis, has been very supportive of the work of Melanoma UK and several other Melanoma charities.  Chris very kindly donated part of the funds from one of his fundraising dinners to Melanoma UK and has been very vocal in Westminster about the issues surrounding the increase in melanoma, patient access to treatments, sunbeds and VAT on sunscreen.  We are very happy to welcome Chris as our latest Ambassador and we are grateful for his support.  


Ex England international Ryan Sidebottom has become the latest cricketer to lend his support to Melanoma UK.   Ryan is very aware of the dangers of over exposure to the sun and the problems that melanoma patients face. He is anxious to make sure the message of protection is passed amongst other cricketers and of course supporters.
Ryan says, “When playing cricket at any level, we can be in on the pitch in very hot conditions for several hours at a time. It is vital that we use the correct level of protection and this is a message we need to get out to youngsters who not only play the game, but come to watch also. Melanoma is a dreadful disease and in a lot of cases, is preventable. I am delighted to be supporting the work of Melanoma UK”.

We are absolutely delighted to have Ryan as our new Ambassador.


Following Andy Flower's surgery in 2010 for melanoma, we contacted Andy and asked him if he would consider becoming one of our Ambassadors. In the press release at the time, Andy said it wasn't a difficult decision for him to make and he agreed to help us.   We are absolutely delighted to have Andy as one of our Ambassadors.   Andy is pleased to support our work and through the sport of cricket will bring much more awareness of the dangers of over exposure to the sun and use of sunbeds.   In summer of 2012, Andy very kindly agreed to continue his support for a further term.

In the summer of 2013, when we held the fundraising dinner, Andy wasn't free to attend, but recorded a message for all the guests.

See Andy's Message Here


The Sunday Brunch host, and former Soccer AM star will work with Factor 50 to encourage others to protect their skin while fundraising for patient support and melanoma research.

Speaking about his role Tim said:

“A number of years ago I lost my Grandad to  melanoma and after seeing for myself what a terrible illness it is, I am giving Factor 50 my full support.

The work they are doing in raising awareness of this disease and supporting patients and families, is something we all need to be aware of and if we can, do our bit.”




In August 2009, David Healy MBE,  Northern Ireland and  Rangers striker,  became the first official patron of Factor 50.    David was keen to act as a patron for the group because so many prominent sports people have suffered from malignant melanoma such as Tommy Burns, a Celtic player, Bruce Craven, a physio at Leeds United and Ernie Cooksey, an Oldham Athletic footballer.

Gillian Nuttall said:

“David was Jon’s football hero especially after signing his shirt for his 30th birthday. I am thrilled to welcome him on board as our official patron. I know Jon would have been delighted too.”

David Healy MBE said:

“Gillian got in touch with me and asked for my help. Being a professional football player, I spend long periods outside in the summer months; it’s easy to forget the dangers of being exposed to the sun. I fully support Factor 50 and their cause to raise awareness of the damage the sun does"


Greatest Hits Radio presenter Darren Proctor has joined forces with UK skin cancer charity, Melanoma UK.

A few years ago Proctor organised a big fundraising ball for Melanoma UK and was instantly taken by the work of the charity. Speaking from his studio, Proctor said “When I was asked if I would like to become an Ambassador for Melanoma UK, it was a very easy decision for me. The weather during the summer of 2018 was amazing, yet how many of us gave any real thought to the protection of our skin? We just don’t take skin care seriously enough here in the UK and I’d like to help change that”.

Melanoma UK was set up in 2007 by our founder Gill Nuttall. Gill lost a family friend to melanoma and started the organisation following her frustrations at the lack of treatments and support. Melanoma UK is now widely recognised as one of the leading skin cancer charities in the UK. Melanoma claims the lives of over 2,500 people every year and the treatment of just one patient with advanced melanoma can cost upwards of £400,000. In an effort to bring the UK in line with Australia, Melanoma UK launched a petition in the summer of 2018 for a ban on sunbeds. The petition has the support of many politicians and celebrities.