The Full Moon in Scorpio on April 27th (known also as ‘Pink Moon’ to signify the abundance of pink phlox flowers in bloom at this time of year) is set to be both intense and transformational. Indeed, for those who are craving a new start, this is the perfect time for reinventing yourself so keep your spiritual antenna up, change is coming.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation and regeneration and the mysterious astrological 8th house. The energy may be intense, but this full moon has the potential to unlock the power to manifest positive changes in your life. 

Scorpios, like the mythological phoenix, are known for their ability to rise from the ashes, renewed and stronger and fiercer than ever. Therefore, themes relating to rebirth are key now, especially as we begin to emerge from the chaos of the last twelve months. Indeed, you may feel that certain situations, relationships, or even outlooks need reviewing as they no longer reflect the new you.

A major theme this month is reinvention and Scorpios are the experts in this area, see Scorpio RuPaul Charles, who has not only pioneered the world of drag artistry but in doing so revolutionised concepts of gender identity and idealised beauty standards. Similarly, singer-songwriter and style icon, Bjork continually reinvents her own image and sound with the release of each of her records. 

Scorpio natives need to continually shed old skin in order to release what no longer serves them and make room for what needs to come next. Both highly creative and technical individuals, they imbue an unmatched passion and intensity in all that they do, take for example, Scorpios Pablo Picasso and Bill Gates, each a towering figure in their respective fields of art and technology.

Astrologically speaking, the full moon will oppose both the Sun and Uranus in stubborn Taurus and as both of these signs are fixed, it is important to try to keep an open mind and let go of any control issues which may arise now. Scorpio and Taurus are also very security-driven, however, with Uranus in the mix, it's best to expect the unexpected. However, like all full moons, this is a wonderful time for releasing and letting go of what has felt too heavy to carry of late.

The key to working with this month’s lunation is to yield your own personal power in order to steer your life in the direction you desire. Instead of resisting change, harness the powerful energy of the full moon in Scorpio to manifest, transform and reinvent both yourself and your life.  

With Moon Blessings, Melissa