Super Full 'Worm' Moon in Libra

This month’s full moon is not only the first ‘Super Moon’ of 2021, but the first full moon of Spring, hence its nickname, ‘Worm Moon’, heralding the warmer days and the stirring of life beneath our feet. Spring is finally here and with it brings opportunity for hope and new beginnings, something we are all in need of. As the days become longer and lighter, the full moon in Libra reminds us that beauty can be found where there is harmony.

Libra is ruled by the astrological 7th house of partnerships, therefore this month’s lunation will illuminate how we maintain balance with the people in our lives. Many of us have been living and working within close proximity of our nearest and dearest for some time and you may find yourself examining how and where you can create a sense of space in your surroundings. Libra is represented by the scales of justice, so issues of fairness and give and take are also emphasised now.

Librans are also ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty and are known for their wit, creativity and love of all things beautiful, see John Lennon (‘All You Need is Love’), Kim Kardashian (who is now studying law-how Libran can you get?), and Cardi B. These natives thrive in environments where there is a sense of equilibrium and balance, so this is a great time to practice any mind and body enhancing exercises such as yoga or indulge in a DIY spa session.

Astrologically speaking, the moon in Libra will oppose both the sun in independent Aries and the comet, Chiron (also known as ‘the wounded healer'), so this is a wonderful time let go of any old baggage or painful memories that may be energetically keeping you stuck in the past and stifling emotional growth. Remember, full moons are all about releasing and letting go.

Although balance may seem impossible to achieve in a world that is so out of alignment right now, you can utilise the power of the Libra super moon to shine a light on your own personal sphere. This month, the key is to strive for balance in the ‘Me vs We’. After all, the most important relationship we have in this lifetime is the one we nurture with ourselves.

Have a wonderful Easter and see you next month

With Moon Blessings, Melissa