Over the years we have formed some exciting and very special partnerships and this is down to our commitment and our ability to work well with other organisations.

We want to develop good working relationships and we will do our best to make the partnership work.


  • Good, worthwhile campaigns – in almost every community there will be someone who has been affected by a diagnosis or the death of a loved one of melanoma.
  • Innovative, fun and engaging fundraising initiatives which will be appropriate to your business and/or your staff and clients.  We will share our ideas with you and are happy to help you get started with your own fundraising ideas.
  • PR advice and assistance when you are carrying out activities on our behalf.  Our team will help with local and national coverage, including press and social media.
  • Positive brand association.  Working with us is an excellent opportunity to increase your reputation as a company taking responsibility for something other than your usual business.
  • Provision of frequent updates.  We will make sure that you are always updated in respect of funds raised by your company and where the funds are being placed.
  • The opportunity to choose where you place your support:  if you want to work towards a particular project, we will work with you to fulfil your objectives.
  • Assistance on all fundraising events, including all promotional materials and support where possible.  We have a number of ambassadors and some celebrities who support our work.  Whenever possible, we will ask them to help.

Any support you can give will be gratefully received and you can be sure that whatever you do will be valued by everyone concerned.