My loving father found that a mole was changing on his chest roughly about 3 years ago. He went to the doctors and they ran a number of tests and found that there was a tumor. My dad had the tumor removed and thought everything was okay it wasn't until he had a check up in November 2019 that the cancer had came back and had spread fast. He started immunotherapy in Birmingham in January 2020 and was getting lots of side effects and very poorly from the treatment. In and out of hospital which then meant his next lot of treatment was delayed. Unfortunately on 19th April 2020 he was rushed into hospital and sadly he had a very low immune system and passed away of sepsis on 20th April 2020.

Ian my father was such a kind, caring and positive man who was loved by so many. I want to do 68 mile challenge in memory of him and at the same time raise awareness of Melonama.

Anna Robertson