Melanoma UK recently made a donation  to assist cutting-edge research at the University of Manchester.  This research is looking into improving patient responses to immunotherapy, the very latest treatment for advanced melanoma.
The team lead by Dr Adam Hurlstone has been studying how melanoma cells learn to tolerate immunotherapy. 
Adam explained: “Unfortunately for patients, melanoma cells are very adaptable. When they start to feel the immunotherapy working, then they change the expression of certain genes so that they can tolerate the drug. My group has identified a key adaptation and moreover demonstrated how preventing this adaptation makes melanoma cells respond for longer to immunotherapy”. He added, “We still have a way to go before we can bring this discovery to the clinic and greatly appreciate the support of Melanoma UK in moving us closer to this goal."
Gill Nuttall, Founder of Melanoma UK said “We are delighted to be able to help Dr Hurlstone with this vital piece of research.  Many patients and families want to be able to assist in the funding of research as well as patient support and we are happy to help."
If you wish to support this project, all funds will be passed to Dr Hurlstone's team.